Fintalk – Audio from an earlier webinar with experts from Chargebacks911 and Fi911

The world of financial tech is changing, and the payments industry is evolving to meet new demands and new challenges. The emergence and acceptance of unique payment options and methodologies has resulted in a race to develop new products that take advantage of this shifting landscape. We take a look at how product developers must step carefully in a fluctuating industry, and look at how development in payments can be done effectively and profitably. 

  • The importance of external & internal development partners 
  • Understanding the evolving world of payment types & methodology 
  • The increasing value of data enrichment in the payment landscape
  • Critical thinking to drive product strategy and innovation

Webinar presentations by Steve Warner and Brad Dillahunty

Webinar Replay – Audio from an earlier webinar with experts from Chargebacks911 and Jumio

Over half of businesses surveyed reported higher losses associated with account opening and account takeover than any other type of fraud. SCA and other heightened security requirements may help, but implementation can create greater challenges for banks and businesses. Is there a way to identify—and pluck—these “bad apples” before they can do serious damage?

  • Overview of new account fraud, and why the risk is so great
  • How fraudsters play the system, and how to lower chargeback risk
  • Lowering by verifying the customer at account creation
  • Ensuring SCA, AML, and KYC compliance through upfront authentication

Webinar presentations by Craig McClure and Johnson Ha

Webinar Replay – Audio from an earlier webinar with experts from Chargebacks911 and ShipMonk

eCommerce is seeing a meteoric rise in demands amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as more consumers are turning to online purchases. As important as it is to make the sale, fulfillment, delivery, and follow-up are equally essential parts of building your brand. This can exponentially complicate order fulfillment logistics.

  • The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on eCommerce, especially fulfillment
  • How “best practices” for Refund and Return Policies can prevent chargebacks
  • Leveraging customer service and support from 3PL partners for merchants
  • How in package touches and inserts can help enhance the customer experience
  • Merchant missteps in the fulfillment process that could trigger chargebacks

Webinar presentations by Jarrod Wright and Kathryn Andrews

Webinar Replay – Audio from an earlier webinar with experts from Chargebacks911 and Greenings
Unpredictable change has been a dominant theme in the workplace over the last two years. Against the backdrop of rapid transformation in the payments space, the stakes have never been higher in the fight to attract top talent. How can organizations keep pace with change while ensuring they have the team they need to stay agile and adaptable? What does tomorrow’s payment professional bring to the table?
In the latest episode of FINTALK, a series of live podcasts featuring conversations with the industry trailblazers and trendsetters, Steve Warner (VP of Business Development, Fi911) sat down with Andrew Greening (Managing Partner - Board & Non-Executive Director Practice, Greenings). Over the course of their fascinating conversation, the two traded opinions and insights regarding the latest trends in hiring and retaining top talent in the payments space.
What was the ultimate impact of Covid-19 on culture, acquisition, and what candidates expect from employers? How are short-term cost savings strangling growth and hindering talent retention? What unique challenges present themselves in markets on either side of the Atlantic? Steve and Andrew answered all these questions and more!

Webinar presentations by Steve Warner and Andrew Greening

Webinar Replay – Audio from an earlier webinar with experts from Chargebacks911 and Soar Payments

In the eCommerce world, offering consumers payment options beyond payment cards can deliver substantial benefits, including lower processing costs and a decreased risk of chargebacks. For high-risk accounts, alternative payments can also offer fewer restrictions, along with a higher likelihood of approval.

  • Overview of the most common alternative payment methods: eCheck, ACH, Bitcoin, and more
  • How alternate payments can be a lifeline for high risk merchants - especially those having chargeback/merchant account trouble.
  • The challenges of opening a new merchant account after one has been terminated
  • Using alternative payments to lower chargebacks ... even if you’re in a high risk space

Webinar presentations by Jarrod Wright and Scott Hawksworth

Webinar Replay – Chargebacks911 has compiled the best information shared over three days into a single, easy to digest recording. We had experts from Microsoft, Paysafe, and Payometry join our team in presenting the most comprehensive chargeback education to date. Here are the highlights from three different sessions!

  • Overcoming chargeback challenges of recurring billing
  • Fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic recovery and growth
  • Fraud prevention that leads to chargeback prevention

Brought to you by Chargebacks911, the world’s foremost experts in chargeback management, Chargeback University was designed exclusively for merchants. Delivering the most comprehensive chargeback management information available today, along with industry tips you won’t find anywhere else. If you have any questions about the information included in these webinars, please let us know. 

Authorization fraud and card testing have significant impacts on financial institutions, their merchants, and even consumers. Prevention tools are available, but can too easily lead to a surge in false declines. So what’s the best way to approach authorization fraud? How is card-testing contributing to the problem? Working together, can FIs and merchants find a solution for detecting, preventing, and eliminating this expensive and exasperating problem?


Will Blay
Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Scott McLaughlin
Vice President of Integrated Payments at Keybank

Harlan Hutson
Director of Strategic Partnerships and Brands for Chargebacks911

Harlan Hutson, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Chargebacks911 sits down for a fascinating conversation. He discusses his professional background, going from studying music performance in college to becoming one of the world’s leading payments industry experts. Harlan relates his musical background to business, observing that a great leader is someone who coordinates talent, but allows everyone to play the role they’re meant to play. “If I make a sale, but the setup team just ignores the client, we’re not playing in harmony,” he says. They also delve into Harlan’s work in protecting merchants from “chargeback ugliness,” as they put it, and identifying merchant pain points on an individual basis to develop custom solutions.

The travel space was hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. For merchants, this created a need to explore new options in payments and payment methods.

Join Harlan Hutson, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Fi911 and Paul van Alfen, Travel Payments Strategist for Up in the Air as they discuss the latest in travel payments. 

For consumers, credit cards became even more important as a safe haven against non-delivery. How will this affect the merchant/acquirer relationship? What new opportunities exist for travel? And are there specific risks that merchants need to know about?


Learn about the “Acceleration of digital transformation” due to the pandemic. Consumers might have been accustomed to going out to stores, restaurants, and other brick-and-mortar outlets, but couldn’t. Using apps for delivery, click-and-collect, and other practices was “for certain demographics, for the older generations, probably not yet ‘business-as-usual’ as it would be for younger generations.” Mobile payments offer advantages and disadvantages for security. They’re more secure, so “When you use your mobile device, it’s an EMV transaction. It’s authenticated. It was you, it’s your device, your face scan, your fingerprint. So, you can chargeback it, but no, you did it.” At the same time, the ease of filing chargebacks on mobile transactions has its drawbacks. “It helps gives confidence in the use of cards overall, but it also probably makes more people aware of [the chargeback process], and they might try it out in other areas as well.” Credit is not as widely used in Northern European countries like Germany, The Netherlands, and the Nordic countries. This has allowed for wider use of debit, and direct debit payments in particular, in the travel space.

Chargebacks911 VP of Enterprise Engagement David Pirtle sits down with Scott Pinsker to talk about his background and expertise in the latest episode of the Thought Leadership & the Fintech Revolution podcast. David is a long-time member of the Chargebacks911 team. Having grown up in a small town, he followed a winding path that eventually led him to where he is today. Initially pursuing a career in design, David is able to relate his work at Chargebacks911 to his background, and to pinpoint the common skill sets behind his work in both design and fintech.

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