The travel space was hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. For merchants, this created a need to explore new options in payments and payment methods.

Join Harlan Hutson, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Fi911 and Paul van Alfen, Travel Payments Strategist for Up in the Air as they discuss the latest in travel payments. 

For consumers, credit cards became even more important as a safe haven against non-delivery. How will this affect the merchant/acquirer relationship? What new opportunities exist for travel? And are there specific risks that merchants need to know about?


Learn about the “Acceleration of digital transformation” due to the pandemic. Consumers might have been accustomed to going out to stores, restaurants, and other brick-and-mortar outlets, but couldn’t. Using apps for delivery, click-and-collect, and other practices was “for certain demographics, for the older generations, probably not yet ‘business-as-usual’ as it would be for younger generations.” Mobile payments offer advantages and disadvantages for security. They’re more secure, so “When you use your mobile device, it’s an EMV transaction. It’s authenticated. It was you, it’s your device, your face scan, your fingerprint. So, you can chargeback it, but no, you did it.” At the same time, the ease of filing chargebacks on mobile transactions has its drawbacks. “It helps gives confidence in the use of cards overall, but it also probably makes more people aware of [the chargeback process], and they might try it out in other areas as well.” Credit is not as widely used in Northern European countries like Germany, The Netherlands, and the Nordic countries. This has allowed for wider use of debit, and direct debit payments in particular, in the travel space.

Chargebacks911 VP of Enterprise Engagement David Pirtle sits down with Scott Pinsker to talk about his background and expertise in the latest episode of the Thought Leadership & the Fintech Revolution podcast. David is a long-time member of the Chargebacks911 team. Having grown up in a small town, he followed a winding path that eventually led him to where he is today. Initially pursuing a career in design, David is able to relate his work at Chargebacks911 to his background, and to pinpoint the common skill sets behind his work in both design and fintech.

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No one likes them, but chargebacks are a reality … and every issuer, acquirer, processor, and merchant needs to know what to do when they arise. Too often, the players are at odds. But is there a way to make the system work better for everyone? What do new and established issuers and acquirers need to know to streamline the chargeback management process?

Join renowned chargeback expert Isabelle Onkelinx, founder of IO Resolution, and Craig McClure, Director of Relationship Management for Fi911, at as they exchange opinions and ideas about the various roles involved in the chargeback process. 


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Consumer protection has played a major role in the acceptance and continued growth of payment card programs. But in a world of new payment methods, advancing technology, and rapidly changing consumer demands, is it enough? Are protections put in place a half-century ago still working for consumers? And what are the implications of changing those mandates?

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Tracy Cray, Head of Card Scheme Compliance at Chargebacks911®, is one of Europe’s leading thinkers in payments and finance. In the latest episode, host Scott Pinsker sits down with “The Queen of Chargebacks” to learn more her incredible story. From persevering through a rough upbringing, to taking on a leadership role at the Royal bank of Scotland, we’ll hear the story that ultimately shaped an incredible leader in the payments space.

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Findexable Diversity Radar 2021:

Fintech will play a central role in the post-COVID economy in expanding access to financial services, to support those most affected in society and to create a more diverse and sustainable marketplace, with financial products that cater for all demographics, everywhere.

To realize the promise of fintech, we need data that is relevant, up to date and validated, combined with a transparent way in which to measure and monitor success.

We’re setting out to build the Fintech Diversity Radar – launching in 2021 – the world’s first global platform gathering progressive data on women in fintech to understand their impact and contribution to the digital economy.

We could not do this on our own, so we have gathered a powerful group of fintech and diversity experts to support us and lend their voice to our call for inclusion.

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Webinar Replay – Audio from an earlier webinar with experts from Chargebacks911 & Worldpay. With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, merchants are finding themselves deluged by order cancellations, refunds, inconsistent delivery, and worst of all − chargebacks. What can business leaders do to protect their customers, their brands, and their businesses?

Presentations by Jarrod Wright

Thought Leadership and the Payments Revolution

Gary Cardone, Co-Founder of Chargebacks911 and Tony Craddock, Director General of the Emerging Payments Association explore trends, tool, and some of the biggest issues in business, finance, technology, and payments.

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Webinar Replay – Audio from an earlier webinar with experts from Chargebacks911

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will have a major impact on holiday sales this year. This webinar goes over our holiday guide. Offering tips for before, during, and after the holidays. Proactively minimizing financial risks and impacts of COVID-19, why friendly fraud is surging, and how to protect your revenue. Pros & cons of virtual gift cards and prepping for post-season chargebacks.

Presentations by Jarrod Wright

Webinar Replay – Audio from an earlier webinar with experts from Chargebacks911.

An overview of our detailed guide entitled “50 Insider Tips for Preventing Chargebacks”. Explaining why chargebacks are an increasing threat to your bottom line. It also delivers over 50 insider tips and actionable steps for effective chargeback prevention, both immediately and in the long-term.

Presentations by Jarrod Wright

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